Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick: Review and Swatches


Lipstick:- it’s not a word or thing, it’s a feeling, believe me it’s a great feeling. (at least in my case)

If you are sad!!! Add more lipstick & attack 🙂

I’m totally agree on above lines because lipstick can easily lift up your mood but the right shades will make you feel more confident and cheerful

But how can you find that which shades is going with your skin tones and undertones. Yes! Undertones, it plays an important role for any makeup products ( from my experiences except eye makeup)

You may observe that not all pink shades looks good on you, some pinks are enhances your beautiful many make you look dull and pale.

So it’s better to choose the right colours for your skin tones and undertones, it’s a big question that, how can you check that what’s your undertone? Because skin tones are visible but you can’t see through your skin.

So here I am, I will tell you how can you easily check which undertone you have.

1. Firstly, wear any black cloth and after that wear white one, if you look better on white you are having cool under tone and if black looks more good then you are warm undertone if both congratulations you are neutral.
2. Take jewellery test, if golden looks better than silver then you have warm undertone, if both then you know.

Every one wants to look perfect in the world full of social media

We are in that kind of world where we have no extra time for touch up and we want to be photo ready every time cause we have to update it on our social media account, so I ha a good news for you all and the good news is MATTE LIPSTICKS.

Firstly I will tell you what is matte lipstick?
MATTE means the product isn’t shiny, no shimmer & you all know that lipstick is a product that gives your lips colour. So matte lipstick is kind of lipstick which have no shine or satin look.

Here I have recently brought some matte lipsticks from a well known brand SUGAR

It comes in a cardboard box and it has shades names written on the boxes. The packaging reminded me of the Maybelline velvet matte liquid lipsticks.
• It has smudge me not liquid lipstick written on the case and the sugar logo is write on the top
• The shade name and number are written on the bottom
• These are for 499 rupees and you get 4.5 ml of product

The consistency of these liquid lipsticks is kind of thick it’s neither watery nor mossy

Pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks are Oh my God!!! Excellent, they have done a very god job on the pigmentation. They don’t look patchy.

• When you apply these liquid lipstick must prep your lips with any of your lip balm or moisturiser.
• All shades are really very pigmented, it has wide range of colours, there are some dark shades as well as some nudes.
• Just one swipe and you are done.


I have personally no issues with the longevity because I usually take off my makeup after 8 to 10 hours. It lasted on me for good 8 hours, it comes off from centre of my lips when I ha some food, like coffee or any oily snacks, they don’t transfer. Well, just apply a very thin layer if you re coat it will crack and looks patchy.

Some swatches from my collection:

I do have a couple of favourite shades in this range, some looks good on me or some are okay, have a look on them:

Rust lust:- it goes on every skin tone, it’s a kind of orangish red

PINK SYNC:- it’s a bright pink colour which enhances your skin tone an makes it bit lighter.

SAUVE MAUVE:- it’s a pale mauve colour look better on lighter skin tone.

PLUM YUM:- again it’s kind of pale pink colour good for light skin people.

TAN FAN:- this is my personal favourite shade, again a colour which goes on every skin tone.


You guys must have some colours in your makeup collection from this range, give it a try you will definitely love the formula and the great pigmentation, and the shade range makes you fall in love with these liquid lipsticks.

It is also good for gifting you can buy it form Nykaa or Sugar, they have there own website you can purchase it from there too.

Hope you found this review helpful, I give a big thumbs up to these liquid lipsticks. Share your opinion, comment down below.

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